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Woman sues lab for allegedly releasing STD test results

EDWARDSVILLE - A woman calling herself "Jane Doe" is suing Quest Diagnostics and a former female manager from Jerseyville, claiming the employee revealed results of her test for a sexually transmitted disease to a man who allegedly was having sex with the same two women.

The suit claims the plaintiff was tested for the herpes simplex 2 virus by her doctor, Dr. Saima Ali in Alton, in September 2008, and the sample was sent to Quest for analysis. Quest is a worldwide company that provides diagnostic testing and information services. It has an office at 237 Center Drive in Alton.
The former employee saw the results, which showed positive for herpes, contacted the man known as "John Doe" and told him about it. She also allegedly revealed the woman's private physician.
The suit claims the Quest employee was believed to be having sex with John Doe, as was the plaintiff.
The Quest employee "contacted John Doe and told him that she had looked up plaintiff's private lab results at Quest, which revealed that plaintiff had herpes," the suit said.
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