Land deal for Mehlville fire house raises eyebrows -

Land deal for Mehlville fire house raises eyebrows

(KMOV) – A one-acre plot of land on Tesson Ferry Road in south St. Louis County is causing some controversy. 

The Mehlville Fire Protection District plans to tear down an old Taco Bell to build a new fire house, and that decision has raised some concern over the legitimacy of the deal.


A tip suggested that the deal was shady, but the head of the fire department says it’s all legit.  

Property records show last October that the Schuyler Corporation bought the land for $700,000, and later that same day sold it for $800,000.

The head of Schuyler is a man with two sons who work as Mehlville firefighters. Some say that this is a conflict of interest and is cause for concern.

John Hendricks of Schuyler initially agreed to an interview at his chiropractic office, but then said to talk to his attorney, who declined to answer any questions.


The attorney for the firefighters union, Rick Barry, says that taxpayers should take a look at it for themselves.


Aaron Hilmer of the Mehlville Fire Protection District says there is nothing underhanded about the transaction, and that family connections were not a factor in the deal.


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