Crews repairing sewer line in south St. Louis -

Crews repairing sewer line in south St. Louis

A viewer emailed us after noticing that crews dug up and removed a brand new traffic signal at the corner of Chippewa and Jamieson. He wondered if someone made a mistake and was concerned about tax payers footing a second bill.

It turns out Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) crews are repairing a 15 inch sewer line that is located 12 feet below ground. The traffic light was temporarily removed so that crews could get to the line.

But there's more to the story...

An MSD spokeswoman told us that the traffic light installation caused problems with the line. Debbie Johnson says MSD believes street crews nicked the line while digging the foundation for the new traffic signal. She added that the hole in the line allowed debris to get inside and lead to sewer backups in nearby homes over the weekend.

MSD told News Four the $20,000 repair bill would be sent to St. Louis' street department.

When our producer told the city's streets director, he said he was surprised and added that MSD and the city typically work together on these types of repairs.

Todd Waelterman said that he did not think city crews hit the line.  He says it is possible the concrete foundation poured for the new light put pressure on the line.

The streets department later faxed us a copy of their official request to dig in that area.  Crews asked to dig 15 feet.  The Missouri One Call sheet shows that MSD (along with the electric, phone, and cable companies) was notified of the dig.

Anyone planning to dig is required to contact Missouri One Call:

So, it's still not clear who will have to foot the bill: city taxpayers or eventually MSD customers.


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