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Busless Bayless?

The Bayless School District is cutting bus service next year because of a $700,000 budget shortfall. 

The money has to be made up somewhere.  The district asked three groups about 9 categories - to rank them in order of budget reduction.  Transportation ranked No. 1 in one group, No. 2 in another, and No. 3 in a third. 

There are about 1650 students in the district.  Two thirds of them live within the one mile limit for bus service, so they don't have it now, anyway. But the remaining third will lose it next fall. The families with two working parents are worried, and you can see why. 

There are other districts with no bus service, Clayton and Brentwood among them.  Still, if you've had bus service, its tough to lose it.  Bayless said it went through this several years ago and there was no reduction in attendance.


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