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Police Deal with Wave of Car Break-ins

   You've heard the advice---don't leave your valuables in your car.  Here's a good example of why safety experts say that.  There were at least 20 car break-ins last night in St. Louis.  They were at three different locations but it would appear they were related because they were all smash & grabs.  Thieves got away with a gun, wallet, GPS devices, and iPods along with some car keys (they didn't steal the car, just the car keys that were apparently left inside).

   Unfortunately, thieves like these oftentimes don't bother to see if there are valuables inside or not.  They just smash the windows, rifle through the glove compartment and console and take what they can if they believe it has any value. 

   We talked with one of the residents of Soulard who is something of a "veteran" of car break-ins.. He's has his vehicle broken into four times.  His take on it?  Enforce curfew laws.  He believes many of the break-ins are attributable to young people. If police crack down and enforce curfews some of these problems would be reduced. 

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