Lawmakers Wrap up Session; More Cuts to Come -

Lawmakers Wrap up Session; More Cuts to Come

   The Missouri legislature wrapped up its session at 6:00 on Friday night.  As usual, there was wheeling and dealing up until the final moments of the session. 

   About 15 minutes after the session wrapped up Governor  Nixon met with reporters.  He was asked to sum up the session and his take on it.  Solid progress is what he said.  But there are still rough times ahead.  There are no easy answers right now and there will be some cuts yet to come.  He said he will most certainly cut the day after Thanksgiving out as a state holiday.  Workers who want the day off will have to take a vacation day.  That's a day that's certainly become important for people and I imagine many will go ahead and use a vacation day.  If anything, over the past few years the trend has been for people to take a few more days off and be off work an entire week.  

   But then what about those who don't want to use a vacation day and figure they'll just go ahead and go into work at their government job the day after Thanksgiving.  The office will be....what?...half-filled?....a third?...a quarter...?  How productive is the work force going to be on that day?   


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