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A look at bills that Mo. lawmakers approved

Missouri lawmakers completed their 2010 session Friday. Here's a look at some of the legislation sent to Gov. Jay Nixon:
   SB793, expands the information required to be provided to women 24 hours before abortions, including the option of viewing an ultrasound and listening to a heartbeat of the fetus.
   HB1311, mandates that group insurance policies regulated by Missouri cover the diagnosis and treatment of autistic children, including up to $40,000 annually of behavioral therapy.
   SB940, attempts to boost business for bingo halls by allowing them to open earlier, close later and offer games twice a week instead of just once.
   HBs2001-2013, authorizes more than $23 billion for state operations for the 2011 fiscal year, but falls short of the amount of reductions Gov. Jay Nixon has said are necessary to balance the budget.
   SB733, changes the Access Missouri scholarship so that students at public and private colleges and universities would receive the same amount of money, beginning in the 2014-2015 school year. Currently, students at private schools are eligible for larger scholarships.
   HB1695, changes drunken driving laws to better track repeat offenders; allows some offenders to get their drivers' licenses back in exchange for undergoing treatment.
   SB844, allows the Ethics Commission to launch investigations, restricts shuffling of money between numerous political committees and requires quicker reporting of campaign donations when lawmakers or the governor are considering legislation.
   SCR35, rejects a plan by the State Tax Commission that would have raised property taxes for the state's most productive farm land and reduced taxes on the lowest-rated agricultural land.
   HB1764, places on the August ballot a referendum attempting to defy a federal health insurance mandate by stating that Missourians cannot be compelled to have health insurance nor penalized for paying for health care out of their own pocketbooks.
   HB1498, imposes new financial penalties on insurance companies that take too long to pay claims to health care providers.
   SB1007 and SB842, enacts various cost-cutting measures in the Medicaid program; authorizes the state to hire independent contractors to assess whether disabled people qualify for in-home care.
   HB1868, restructures the Missouri State Water Patrol to become a division of the Missouri State Water Patrol.
   SB851, requires four days' notice before government meetings on tax increases, the creation of special taxing districts or use of eminent domain.
   SB586, imposes new restrictions on sexually oriented businesses by banning nudity, alcohol, minors and touching; restricts their locations and operating hours.
   HB1472, bans synthetic compounds that mimic the effects of marijuana and subjects people who possess them to the same criminal penalties as those caught with real marijuana.
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