School's policy saved teen's life -

School's policy saved teen's life

        It's not a stretch to say 13 year old Austin Redd is lucky.  After collapsing without a pulse at Francis Howell Middle School on Thursday, Auston is now alive in the hospital, thanks to some quick thinking adults and the AED at his school.  They got his heart started again.

       The AED is an Automatic External Defibrillator.  The device that shocks a person and gets the heart pumping again.  Francis Howell Middle School had one, but they didn't need to have one.  In fact any school in Missouri isn't required to have one.  

       According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, at least 12 states require schools to have AED's, including Illinois.   In fact Illinois also requires they be in health clubs and some dentist offices.   Just about every state, including MIssouri, does have laws that cover who can use them.  But getting them to someone in need in a hurry can be another story. 

        Many schools in the area probably have AED's, but if you're concerned, the best advice is to call your school district and ask.  I know of one family that's glad it was in school.



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