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Sylvia Browne secrets

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs

Our latest investigation of Sylvia Browne was filled with surprises.

First, her ex-husband Gary Dufresne agreed to sit down for a lengthy on-camera interview about his thirteen year marriage with Browne. Dufresne was married to her from 1959-72. It took several days to find him and get his consent for the interview.

Second, Browne's longtime Business Manager Linda Rossi took us on a guided tour of Browne's headquarters, showed us Browne's private office where she does readings, and also agreed to be interviewed, even though we just walked up to the building uninvited.

Third, during Browne's first appearance in St. Louis last week the audience was never told to turn off recording devices, which meant that we were able to continue using our hidden cameras to videotape her making bold predictions about the recovery of a very sick person.

Many times, we get unwelcome surprises on our investigations: camera batteries die, someone doesn't show up as expected, or an event is cancelled at the last minute. On this story, just about everything fell into place much easier than we imagined.




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