Tornado sirens (maybe) but no tornado -

Tornado sirens (maybe) but no tornado

Our newsroom was flooded (pardon the pun) Wednesday morning with calls and emails about tornado sirens going off in Northwest St. Louis County.

There was no tornado watch or warning but people were telling us the siren or sirens went off around 4am and kept going on and off until about 5:30am.

One woman put her grandkids in the basement.  Her cable was out so she went to to see there were no tornados in the area.  She figures a lightning strike or power outage caused the siren about a mile from her home on Fee Fee Road in Bridgeton to go off.

But St. Louis County Police (as of noon Wednesday) have not confirmed ANY tornado sirens went off.  When police got calls to check it out, they found some home burglar alarms that went off during the storm, but no sirens.

That doesn't mean a siren or some sirens didn't malfunction.  Technicians are spending the day checking about 200 sirens to see which ones, if any, actually went off.

The people I met say they're sure it was the sirens.

Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at

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