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Highway cable barriers: life saver or safety hazard?

(KMOV) – Cable barriers are designed to save lives on highways, but some say it’s possible that they could also be a safety hazard. 

On Highway 67, about 50 miles south of St. Louis, a single rose marks the spot where George Rollins crashed his motorcycle into a cable barrier and died.

Bobby Dunn says an SUV forced his friend into the wire, killing him instantly.

Rollins’ widow, Jessica, along with her family and friends, are trying to get cable barriers that are close to the highway removed.

Sgt. Jeff Wilson, a spokesman for the Missouri Highway Patrol, says in most cases the barriers are preventing potentially deadly crossover crashes into oncoming traffic. “In my view, they’re saving lives,” he says.

On I-55, the barriers are in the middle of the grass median, unlike the placement on Highway 67 near De Soto, Mo. Ed Hassinger, of the Missouri Department of Transportation, insists the barriers are next to the emergency lane only if there's too much slope in the grass.

Hassinger says Missouri has built more than 400 miles of highway cable barriers during the last decade. After averaging more than 40 deadly crossover crashes every year, last year the state had only 3, a stunning 98-percent decrease.

“It’s clear. The investment on this is one of the best ones we’ve made from a safety standpoint,” says Hassinger.

But Jessica Rollins says there’s no margin for error. Both Rollins and Dunn say the state should take the cables down.


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