St. Charles' consideration of immigration law sparks debate -

St. Charles' consideration of immigration law sparks debate

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(KMOV) – St. Charles County might soon be following in the footsteps of Arizona’s immigration law.  

St. Charles County Councilman Joe Brazil along with several other council members voted 6-1 to support Arizona’s tough immigration law.


“It is illegal immigrants that are working, working construction jobs, taking jobs from other Americans that need work,” says Brazil. “And it's the law…we need to protect our borders…I can't believe it's an argument and we're having this conversation."


Brazil says illegal immigration is a big problem in Missouri, and there is a request for lawmakers in Jefferson City to pass a similar law in the state.


But the other side begs to differ. At the Hispanic Leaders Group of Greater St. Louis, members question if Missouri really needs such a law.


They worry that panic and misinformation might be guiding the debate, contending that illegal immigration is not nearly the problem it is in many border states.


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