The loss of a St. Louis legend -

The loss of a St. Louis legend

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By Afton Spriggs By Afton Spriggs

If there was a test to prove who's a real St. Louisan and who's not, it would include this question: Who owns his own building and lot? Why, auto dealer Johnny Londoff, of course! Early today we lost that familiar voice, heard on commercials on St. Louis radio and television stations since the 1950's. Londoff died after an extended battle with cancer, and he left a legacy few others can match. His efforts through the years on behalf of children with disabilities was remarkable, and notable if only because he didn't have to do anything. This, however, was a man with a mission to help his daughter and untold thousands of people like her, through the Variety Club telethon. Here's something you might not know about Mr. Londoff, who I only had the honor of meeting a few times through the years: Anyone who visited his office at the dealership left with a brand new necktie. Even today when I visited to do a story on his passing, that box of neckties was still there, and his staff insisted I take one. I'll remember Johnny Londoff's legacy each time I wear it, and be honored to have received one of the last of it's kind.

Marc Cox

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