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Where did you put your purse?

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Thieves in Chesterfield were on the prowl for purses last week and didn't have to work hard to find some to steal. May 7th was an especially good day for the criminals. On that day, they broke into four cars to steal four purses and got away with $2740. Yes, the crooks had to break into the cars, but they knew there was cash and credit cards ready to be taken, because the owners left their purses in plain sight. The owners practically dared the thieves to take their purses.

In another instance, a woman had her purse stolen when she left it unattended in the lobby of a medical building. Thieves in Chesterfield weren't sexist about who they victimized last week. A man reported his wallet stolen after he left it in an unlocked car. If you had $800 in your wallet, would you leave it in an unlocked car like this victim did?

In one week's time, thieves in Chesterfield stole purses and wallets that were far too easy to take. The total take by the criminals was $3853. Where did you put your purse? Whether you live in Chesterfield, MO or Chester, IL, police will tell you you're at a high risk of being a crime victim if you leave a purse or a wallet in an unlocked car or if you leave it sitting out in the open in a locked car.

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