Blog: Car crashes into convenience store -

Blog: Car crashes into convenience store

While you were sleeping a car crashed into a convenience store with customers and employees just feet away inside, and News-4 has the surveillance video.

The crash happened just after 3 a.m. at the Mobil Gas Station at the corner of Natural Bridge and Goodfellow.

The driver of the SUV smashed into the brick wall, broke a window and left quite a mess of broken bricks and glass.

The gas station owner gave News-4 surveillance video of both inside and outside angles as the crash was happening.  In the video, you see a white SUV pull into the lot and right into the building.  From the inside you can see just how close one employee was to the crash.  He took off running as the car's front end knocked down towers of cigarette cartons.  No one was hurt.

The driver told police her brakes failed and that she couldn't stop.

She didn't have a license, nor did she have insurance, but she still got in her car and drove away after talking to police.  Police tell me they ticketed her for the two infractions but that it's now up to a court to decide what happens.

The Mobil Gas Station is open 24 hours a day and did not close for the crash.  A building inspector checked out the structural damage less than a hour after it happened.  Serious repairs must be made to two walls.

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