Blues Come Out for Rock Hill Officer -

Blues Come Out for Rock Hill Officer

We're wrapping up our live-shot from CBC High School right now.  The St. Louis Blues held a fundraiser here tonight.  A softball game with the proceeds going to Rock Hill Police Officer Matt Crosby.  It was a good turn-out.  Crosby is still a patient and hasn't been discharged from the hospital yet but he was allowed a "night out."  He was surrounded by well-wishers and old friends. 

Crosby played hockey when he was growing up.  He played hockey at CBC and was good enough to play for the Junior Blues.  Some of his coaches were former Blues players.  They were here tonight as well.  This shooting hit the "hockey community" as well.  

Crosby is still working on his recovery.  He has physical and occupational therapy at least three hours a day.  He's getting stronger.  Those who are close to him say the therapists that work with him are surprised by the advances he's making.    

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