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Mizzou Beats State Rival Missouri State

The Missouri Tiger Baseball Team beat the Missouri State Bears on Tuesday night at Taylor Stadium, 11-6.


No runs were made until the top of the third inning when Missouri State’s Kevin Medrano hit a two-run homer. The Bears would score again in the top of the fourth inning leaving the score to be 0-3.


The Tigers would not stay behind for long because in the fourth inning, Mizzou would manage to get five runs.  Junior Brett Nicholas hit a three-run home run. This three run extended Nicholas’s home run streak to 19 games. Freshmen Dane Opel and Scott Sommerfield scored off of the bat of senior Michael Liberto.


At the top of the fifth inning, the Bears had a one-run lead with three runs. Aaron Conway’s home run help to put the Bears in the lead.


Senior Aaron Senne was able to score off of a single hit by junior Jonah Schmidt. The game was tied at 6-6 at the end of the fifth inning.


Liberto scored in the sixth inning to give Mizzou its lead back. Sophomore Ryan Gebhart followed Liberto run with an RBI single and Senne made a run leaving the score to be 9-6.


There was a run in the seventh inning by the Tiger’s Opel. Another run was made by Mizzou’s Liberto scored in the eighth inning off a wild pitch.


Junior Phil McCormick helped the Tigers to win the game because he pitched four scoreless innings. The game on Tuesday helped McCormick set a career high in innings pitched and strikeouts.


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