Job fair today at St. Charles Community College -

Job fair today at St. Charles Community College

This morning there is a job fair at St. Charles Community College. This will all take place in Cottleville, MO. The fair is expected to have more than 60 employers looking to hire. If you would like more information visit their website

St. Charles Community College Job Fair

When: 9a.m.-1 p.m.

Where: The College Center on campus at 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.

Cost: Free and open to the public



Job Fair Tips
By , Guide

Wear comfortable shoes. Because lines are frequently long and you should expect to wait, don’t wear uncomfortable high heels or brand new shoes that haven’t been broken in. Consider pair of conservative, interview appropriate shoes that you know are comfortable.

Dress Professionally. Job fairs are like interviews, so make sure your attire is interview appropriate. Wear professional clothes, style your hair conservatively, and ladies should wear minimal makeup.

Bring Resumes - Bring a supply of resumes to hand out to the companies. Take a portfolio or a briefcase to hold resumes and corporate literature.

Prepare a "one minute commercial.” Think about your strong points, your goals, the company and where you want to go within the company. Be prepared to talk about these aspects with your employer.

Be prepared to discuss your career goals. Be ready to talk about where you want to work, what you would like to do, and your relevant skills.

Arrive early. Plan on extra time for checking in, parking, and getting orientated with the layout of the career fair.

Network. While you are waiting in line, talk to others. You may hear about opportunities of which you were unaware.

Be assertive and show initiative. Shake hands and introduce yourself to recruiters when you reach the table. Act interested in the company and their job opportunities.

Be enthusiastic. Employer surveys identify one of the most important personal attributes candidates can bring to a new position as enthusiasm. This means that employers want to see you smile! So, do smile and project interest in the company.

Remain calm. There will be many applicants approaching employers at the same you are, but don’t be overwhelmed by the experience. Keep a positive attitude and concentrate on the benefits of the experience.

Explore options. A wide variety of companies will normally participate. This is an excellent opportunity to browse and indulge your curiosity.

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