Gimme Shelter -

Gimme Shelter

When a St. Louis woman told us that a local McDonald's was refusing to allow her to seek shelter during a tornado warning recently, she says the workers in the Granite City restaurant told her it was company policy.

A spokesman for the restaurant tells me that's not company policy.

This was the statement that we received in response from the owner of the restaurant:

“Our number-one priority is the safety and well-being of both our customers and employees. Managers were instructed to close the restaurant during the storm and give our customers the opportunity to seek shelter in the restaurant during the storm. We would never knowingly compromise our customers’ safety, and regret if there was any misunderstanding during this anxious time for everyone.” - James E. Williams, franchise owner

In the end, Erin Pennington tells us she was allowed to stay taking shelter in a restroom, after insisting she would not leave.





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