St. Louis officer shoots, kills man with machete -

St. Louis officer shoots, kills man with machete

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV)-- A man who allegedly approached officers with a machete was shot and killed by police after Thursday morning in north St. Louis.


Police said two officers were called to a home in the 5800 block of Era just after 3 a.m. after family members said a man was reportedly very upset and throwing objects in the backyard.

Family members identified the suspect to be 54-year-old Willie Anderson.

According to reports, Anderson approached officers in a ‘threatening manner,’ swinging a machete at them.  

A 26-year-old officer fired two shots at Anderson, hitting him in the hand and stomach, after he didn't  drop the weapon.

Anderson later died at a local hospital. No officers were shot or injured in this incident.

The officer who fired the shots is now on administrative leave, which is protocol in any officer-involved shooting.

Anderson's mom said "he battled drug and alcohol problems his entire life.' She said an empty alcohol bottle was found near the scene.

According to St. Louis Police Captain Michael Sack, this is the fifteenth officer-involved shooting this year, and the fifth time the suspect died.

Authorities are investigating this shooting.

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