Chief Isom: One group of criminals behind robberies in CWE, Busch Stadium -

Chief Isom: One group of criminals behind robberies in CWE, Busch Stadium

ST. LOUIS ( -- Police believe one group of thugs robbed four medical students in the Central West End on August 19 and seven women outside Busch Stadium on August 22.  That’s part of the information that came out of Chief Dan Isom’s meeting with the Central West End Neighborhood Safety Initiative on Wednesday night.
“It’s safe to say the individuals involved have done multiple robberies,” Isom said.  He discussed part of the new policing plan which shifts some daytime officers to nights and scales back officer response to vehicle crimes.
On Friday police arrested two men for the murder of Megan Boken and for an armed robbery at Brentwood Square.
Isom said they have leads on the med student and Busch Stadium robberies, but there is no suspect description at this point.  A maroon SUV was seen at both robberies.
Residents and those who socialize in the Central West End shared their thoughts with Chief Isom Wednesday night.  One idea might be put into action soon.
“Why not take pictures of suspicious activity whether it's a car going by or a license plate?” said one CWE resident who didn’t want to be identified.  “And be able to send it some place where people could investigate.  It's all about eyes and ears.  We're all part of the solution.”
Chief Isom liked that idea.
“And being able to email those pictures to give police the visual of things they saw in the neighborhood,” said Isom.  “And I believe that's a pretty good idea.”

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