Vaughn: Cards should have no complaints about Molina collision -

Vaughn: Cards should have no complaints about Molina collision

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- Yadier Molina will likely miss a few games after a big collision at home plate with Josh Harrison of the Pirates on Tuesday night.

Molina had pain in his back, shoulder, neck and a big headache after the violent hit. He made a fantastic play to get the out at home, handling the short-hop throw and then somehow holding onto the ball as he absorbed the blow.

Despite what some Cardinals fans have been saying, it was a not a dirty play by Harrison. He was running as hard as he could at that moment and had to make a split second decision on whether to slide or crash into Molina.

Harrison didn't have much of the plate to slide towards so he did what he had to do: crash into the Cardinals catcher.

That play has been around as long as baseball has been a sport. It's a clean, hard play. Every Cardinals base runner faced with the same situation would have plowed into the Pirates catcher.

I'm not sure when it became part of the "baseball code" to be angry at the player who had a collision with your catcher, and that the player should be hit by a pitch the next time he steps to the plate. It's crazy. Collisions happen, sometimes with bad results for your guy.

But unless the rules are changed, violent collisions at the plate will continue to be a legitimate part of the game.

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