Isaac leaves more than 500,000 without power; more to come -

Isaac leaves more than 500,000 without power; more to come

NEW ORLEANS - Not necessarily ferocious on a scale of dangerous hurricanes, Isaac was proving to be quite a thorn, and sometimes more, in the side of southeast Louisiana.

The storm made landfall at 6:45 p.m. in southern Plaquemines Parish, but appeared in no hurry to move on through.

Isaac's methodical track with consistent tropical storm wind speeds that could last another 30 hours figured to shut many schools down for an entire week, while downed trees cut off power to 500,000 homes in the metro area by 9 a.m.

Orleans Parish had over 150,000 people without power. Jefferson Parish nearly 170,000 without power. 

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said a large convention scheduled for this week has cancelled.

Things only figured to get worse as WWL-TV Meteorologist Jonathan Myers said winds of tropical storm strength and heavy rains could last until late Wednesday night.

As with most things in New Orleans, Isaac was part bad news story, part party as a downtown Rouse's store reported record liquor sales in the run up to Isaac's landfall.

On a serious note, grounds saturated by heavy rains over the past month, allowed trees to give way with more ease.

The wait could seem interminable as Entergy said repair crews would not go out to repair downed power lines until winds went below 30 miles per hour.

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