Alert neighbors help catch burglary suspect -

Alert neighbors help catch burglary suspect

SWANSEA, Il. ( -- Residents of the Turtle Creek Neighborhood called police to report a suspicious man Tuesday morning.  Police say those residents didn’t realize he had just broken into a home blocks away in the 1900 block of Llewelyn Road.  But their tip led to a manhunt.  And an officer spotted the suspect trying to board a Metrolink train at the nearby Memorial Hospital station.
Swansea Police Chief Mike Arnold says the alert neighbors were key to the arrest.
“And that's what led to the arrest and the capture,” said Arnold.  “We can be out there on patrol but we still need the help and assistance of the public for every type of crime.”
Arnold says the suspect broke into the home off Llewelyn Road through an unlocked back door.  The alarm went off and the homeowner saw the suspect run out of the house.
Police are looking into whether the suspect is connected to other burglaries.  They say he has a Missouri license, but they’re not releasing his name until charges are filed.  The charges are expected Wednesday.

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