Belleville family says contractor sent over paperwork 'signed' by dead family member -

Belleville family says contractor sent over paperwork 'signed' by dead family member

BELLEVILLE, Mo. (KMOV) – A Belleville family is upset after they say a contractor sent over a certification of completion that was signed by a dead family member.

Kent McCoy and his mother, Dorothy, recently hired Baney Construction and Restoration to repair her roof.

It was one thing when the roof did not get replaced. But the McCoys were beside themselves after they were sent a certificate of completion by the company’s insurance company.

The certificate stated the job was finished. But that was not all.

“They also indicated they received a signed certificate of completion with my father’s signature on it dated this month,” said Kent McCoy. “Well, my dad passed May 30 of this year.”

Dorothy McCoy immediately knew something right.

“What are they doing? And why are they doing it?” she remembers thinking.

So how did a dead man’s signature end up on an insurance document?

News 4 went to Baney’s office in Shiloh, Illinois and showed the document to general manger Jason Fish.

Fist at first wondered who Gerald McCoy was. When told it was Dorothy’s dead husband, he was taken back.

He was then asked if it was fraud to sign to sign the name of someone who’s not alive.

Fish, who said he just started locally with Baney a week ago, admitted signing a customer’s name was highly unusual.

“Just to be clear, you guys can’t be signing for customers?” asked News 4’s Mike Colombo.

“Typically no, no,” Fish replied.

“Typically? Or never?” Colombo asked.

“Not unless a homeowner says, ‘OK here, go ahead and sign that over, send that over to the insurance company. Not without permission obviously,” Fish said.

News 4 put the McCoy’s in contact with the Illinois Department of Insurance and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations. Both departments are currently investigating the case.

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