New poll shows Akins numbers have dropped -

New poll shows Akins numbers have dropped

ST. LOUIS ( – New numbers are out in the race for the Missouri Senate seat.  A News 4/St. Louis Post-Dispatch poll shows a shift in support for Todd Akin from a week ago.

It has been a week since Akin’s remarks about “legitimate rape” and pregnancy and since then he has lost millions of campaign dollars and points in the polls.  Currently, Akins is nine points behind Senator Claire McCaskill in a race that he was once leading.

The latest poll indicates more than half of Missouri voters now view Akin unfavorably.  Seventeen percent of the voters view Akin as “favorable” compared to 56 percent who view him unfavorably.  Twenty-four percent held a neutral view.

“Since the Republican leadership has been trying to drive him out of the race his strategy has been to turn him into the villain,” Kevin McDermott, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter, told News 4.  “He's been referring to them as the party bosses and been saying things like ‘help me defeat the party bosses.’”

Akin will not be attending the Republican National Convention being held in Tampa, Florida, but says he will continue his campaign for the Senate seat held by McCaskill.

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