Mom accused of allowing daughter-teacher sexual relationship -

Mom accused of allowing daughter-teacher sexual relationship

PHOENIX, Ariz. (AZFamily) -- A teacher at Paradise Valley High School has been arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student at the school.

Police said the student's mother knew about and allowed her daughter and the teacher to engage in the sexual conduct at her residence.

The teacher has been identified as Jordan Doneskey, 26. Police are not releasing the mother's identity in order to protect the name of the minor in this case.

According to police, on Aug. 23, the Phoenix Police Department was contacted by school officials after they learned that a teacher from the school was possibly having an inappropriate relationship with a student. 

Detectives from the Family Investigations Bureau of the department responded to investigate the allegations.

Through the course of the investigation, it was learned that Doneskey had been engaging in a sexual relationship with the student for several months. 

The girl was a willing participant in the activity, police say.

Doneskey, who admitted to the relationship, was booked into jail, charged with Sexual Conduct with a Minor. 

The girl’s mother, who allegedly allowed the activity to occur, was also booked, charged with Child Abuse and Failure to Report.

Court documents state that the victim's mother is a social worker with an extensive employment history in the field of child protection.

"I think its despicable, nauseating, and I feel they should do better background checks," said "Damian McLaughlin whose daughter is a student at Paradise Valley High School. "It makes me want to go talk to the principal and find out what they knew about this guy. There obviously must have been some warning signs here."

Patricia Ballesteros' niece attends the school. "It's like we live in a wild jungle out there full of pedophiles and our children are the prey," said Ballesteros. "I am very disgusted at these teachers. It seems to me that pedophiles are making a career out of becoming teachers so they can have easy access to our children."

A statement from the Paradise Valley School District said "Doneskey was hired at PVHS in August 2009, possessed a valid fingerprint card from DPS, and has no disciplinary actions on his personnel record with the district.

There is no indication at this time that he had relationships with any other students during his tenure at PVHS.

Upon Doneskey's arrest the Paradise Valley School District contacted the Arizona Department of Public Safety to invalidate his fingerprint clearance card, without which Doneskey cannot return to the classroom. Doneskey has been placed on paid leave, as required by state law (ARS 15-549, Compulsory leaves of absence for criminal charges, continued salary)."



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