Former police officer accused of holding up wife's law firm -

Former police officer accused of holding up wife's law firm

HOUSTON, Texas (KHOU) -- An ex-cop is in custody after holding up the law firm where his wife is employed, according to authorities.

Ray Acuna, 26, has been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Bail has been set at $100,000.

Police say that on August 20, Acuna was waiting in the parking lot of a law firm on the 1700 block of Lubbock Street with a bandana over his face. When his wife left work, he approached.

Surveillance tape captures Acuna pointing his gun at her and forcing her to walk back into the business where two other employees were counting money in the office, according to court documents.

He allegedly threw his wife on the floor and pointed his gun at the other two employees.

He is accused of taking a purple envelope containing $7,835 in cash from a desk before fleeing the scene through the back door.

Cody Kubash works at the law firm next door. He had no idea what happened until three frantic women ran in from the other building.

"One was in hysterics," he said. "And I did notice right off the bat that they said they had been robbed, yet they had purses."

Acuna reportedly joined the Houston Police Department in July 2009. In January, he was suspended, pending an internal investigation. In February, he resigned.

Police found an HPD raid jacket in the parking lot during investigation.

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