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SHOCKING VIDEO: Bus driver brawls with 2 passengers

SAN ANTONIO -- A VIA Metropolitan Transit driver is out of a job after surveillance video revealed she was a little too aggressive and confrontational with a pair of passengers.

Surveillance video from the the route 22 bus shows the driver calling two young women back onto the bus shortly after they exited. Words were then exchanged between the women and the driver, leading to a full-out brawl.

Another camera picks up the action as innocent bystanders step in to break up the rumble.

According to VIA policy: "Passengers behaving in a destructive or threatening manner should be asked to stop the offending conduct or leave the vehicle. Situations that, in the operator's opinion, could lead to an altercation must not be pursued."

VIA officials said the bus driver, who has not been identified, resigned during disciplinary procedures from the July 20 incident.

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