Mom, 24, severely shakes, beats colicky newborn -

Mom, 24, severely shakes, beats colicky newborn

HOUSTON—A 24-year-old Houston mother severely abused her 5-week-old baby because the newborn would not stop crying, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Marleen Rincones was charged with felony injury to a child.

Investigators said Rincones severely shook and beat her baby on more than one occasion, causing multiple fractures and bruises.

Rincones at first told investigators she may have “blacked out,” then admitted harming the child, claiming she was frustrated and suffering from depression.

Rincones said her boyfriend, whom she lives with, came home during his lunch break on July 18 and the baby was crying uncontrollably. After he left, the child still would not stop crying. That frustrated Rincones, according to court documents.

Rincones claimed she “lost her cool” and snapped. Investigators said she shook the baby twice and squeezed her body. She also grabbed the baby’s left leg, then pulled and twisted it.

That was not the only time she harmed the child, according to investigators.

Rincones admitted that, two weeks earlier, the baby was crying continuously so she called the doctor’s office. The doctor’s explanation that the baby might have been suffering from colic was not enough to stop her frustration. On that incident, Rincones grabbed the baby and squeezed her tightly twice to quiet the cries. Rincones said, even though she didn’t mean to, she may have injured the child.

Investigators said she did. The baby suffered multiple injuries including a fractured femur, fractured rib and subdural brain bleeding.

Doctors at Memorial Hermann noted bruising to the right posterior forearm, right wrist, right palm, left wrist, left forearm, left index finger, left thumb, left palm, left flank, bilateral inner thighs and bruising on the sole of the baby’s left foot.

The baby also sustained a left spiral femur fracture and multiple retinal hemorrhages; at least 10 in the right eye and 30 in the left.

The report indicated the hemorrhages were not acute in nature and occurred weeks before the latter incident. Doctors said, in their professional opinion, this was a clear case of child abuse.

Charges were filed and Rincones’ bail was set at $30,000.

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