Family furious over neighbor's security camera looking into their yard -

Family furious over neighbor's security camera looking into their yard

ST. LOUIS ( -- A south St. Louis woman is furious because her next door neighbor’s security camera points in her yard.

She calls it an invasion of privacy.

“They want people to move into the city?” asked resident Nancy Stelmach. “Do you think people are gonna move into the city when your neighbors can watch everything you’re doing?”

News 4 has been investigating if there are any laws that prevent a situation like this from happening.

A security camera on a house isn’t out of the ordinary. But Stelmach does wonder about the legality of having it pointing into your next door neighbor’s backyard where a teenage girl swims.

“It’s a really eerie feeling,” said Stelmach. “Our daughter she refuses to come outside anymore. She’s 14.  It scares her.”

Upon closer inspection, the camera has a motion sensor. So every time someone moves, it moves with them.

After investigating the privacy laws, News 4 discovered because the homeowner’s not trying to hide the camera, there’s no crime being committed.

According to the law, there’s no expectation of privacy in this situation. The family already has a privacy fence up, but now they say they’ll go even higher.

“We’ll put it up as high as we can go and need be if we have to set up cameras on their yard,” said Stelmach. “I don’t have an issue since it’s not a crime.”

While the city may not have any ordinances against security cameras, it does have rules when it comes to how high your fence can be.

According to the city ordinance, it can’t be any higher than eight feet.

Right now the family’s privacy fence is eight feet, and that extra foot still won’t block the camera.

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