Collinsville withdraws TIF redevelopment plan -

Collinsville withdraws TIF redevelopment plan

COLLINSVILLE, Il ( -- On April 9 the Collinsville City Council passed a resolution stating the City’s intent to pursue the creation of a tax increment finance (TIF) Redevelopment Project Area for a portion of the city.


The plan was to induce development interest within the area of St. Louis Road and Collinsville Road.  This area includes commercial properties, public uses, public utilities, parks, mixed use properties, and intervening residential properties.

Effective Thursday, the City Council has decided to withdraw the intent to pursue the St. Louis/Collinsville Road Redevelopment Plan & Project.  In the event that support for this TIF plan redevelops from residents, the City Council says it will readdress this subject, as needed, at that time.  

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