Should violence scare people away from typically 'safe' St. Loui -

Should violence scare people away from typically 'safe' St. Louis areas?

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Several crimes have happened throughout the past few days in areas of St. Louis typically deemed safe.

Just over the weekend, a former St. Louis University volleyball player was shot and killed during a robbery attempt in the Central West End.

Hours later, four medical students were robbed at gunpoint while walking north on Euclid near West Pine.

Do you believe crime in St. Louis is getting better or worse? Share your thoughts.

Police say the next day a teenager was riding the Metro when he was attacked by four people. He’s now recovering from facial fractures.

City officials say they have a plan in place to reduce the crime, but the violence has some people scared to spend time in areas usually not associated with it.

So is the gut reaction to stay away the right thing to do?

Beth Huebner, associated professor of criminology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, says the events are still considered random, not out of control or connected.

“These aren’t things that police officers can necessarily prevent,” said Huebner. “They can’t be at all places at all times so I think this is a horrible event, but I don’t’ think it’s something that needs a unique intervention.”

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