Tracking Todd Akin: Where is the controversial congressman? -

Tracking Todd Akin: Where is the controversial congressman?

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS ( -- Wednesday Congressman Todd Akin has a new message to voters, asking voters to donate to his campaign.

It comes just days after the congressman came under fire for comments he made about rape and abortion.

Republicans then called for him to drop out of the race and donations were pulled from the campaign. Wednesday a spokesman for Emerson Electric, one of Akin’s biggest contributors, announced through a spokesman they are no longer supporting his senate campaign.

Akin says he is asking for contributions so the Republican Party does not influence the race.

It comes as Todd Akin seems to be having a love affair with the national media, appearing on morning news programs.

So far, he hasn’t appeared in public locally.  

Last night, News 4 invited the congressman to come in for an interview, with no response.  

So, where is Akin? News 4’s Matt Sczesny went looking for him.

The general consensus is Todd Akin is in St. Louis after spending a couple days in Ohio with advisors.

Clearly his advisors and consultants do want him out campaigning and don’t want him to answer our questions.

At the Akin home in an isolated part of Wildwood, no one was home, or at least didn’t answer the door.

The paper with his picture on the front page was still in the driveway. Akin was nowhere to be found, including his Chesterfield house located in an exclusive area, and at his congressional office in Town and Country.

News 4 did find his congressional spokesman Steve Taylor who said Akin wasn’t in his office. He said he expects to see him again soon.

“When do I expect to see him again? Well you know things are very fluid,” said Taylor. “I do expect to see him in the not-too-distant future.”

Taylor says Akin is clearly in charge of his campaign.

But all signs point to trouble.

Intense pressure from republicans to drop out and no more big money are tough obstacles to overcome in a Senate race. At some point, if Akin is serious about a campaign, he has to emerge.

News 4 asked Taylor to pass along a request for an interview to the unreachable congressman. We will wait for our answer.

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