Man shoots out of car, posts video on YouTube -

Man shoots out of car, posts video on YouTube

VANCOUVER – A Vancouver man randomly shot a gun through a neighborhood and then posted the disturbing video on YouTube and his Facebook page.

Police said 23-year-old Ronnie Wynn is in jail after crashing a stolen car last month.

The nearly 4-minute video posted on YouTube shows Wynn pointing a gun out the window and firing a shot.

In the car with him was a young girl holding the camera in the passenger seat. As Wynn continues driving, he pulls out an assault rifle. KGW's news partner the Oregonian reports that the rifle was an Airsoft gun that only shoots plastic pellets.

He puts it away then grabs the camera for the only close-up shot of his face. Police say the Safe Street Task Force got hold of the video after finding it on Wynn’s Facebook page.

“That's obviously outrageous behavior very dangerous to the public so the investigation was done thoroughly,” said Sgt. Kathy McNicholas with the Vancouver Police Department.

Toward the end of the YouTube video you can hear Wynn’s tires screeching through the streets. He then tells the passenger he's dropping her off. Wynn is facing several charges including possession of a stolen vehicle and hit and run.

The Oregonian reports more charges could be coming based on the video.

 KGW reporter Jacqueline Sit contributed to this report. 

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