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Graphic video: Hiker's broken ankle goes viral

Staying calm in an extreme situation isn’t always easy, but hiker Lexi De Forest’s video shows it can be done.

(Warning: the video contains graphic visuals some people may find disturbing.)

Erik Henry and De Forest wanted to take in a mountain sunset atop the rock formations in Vedauwoo, Wyo. The two Colorado State students were hoping to snap some scenic pictures along the way, but ended up capturing something much more gruesome.

As the couple headed back to camp, they came across a six-foot wide trench. Henry went first, easily clearing the obstacle. De Forest’s leap fell short. She slipped, and shattered her ankle.

She endured climbing down the mountain after the sun set. Henry ran for help, leaving De Forest with a backpack and a video camera.

To keep her mind off the pain, she kept talk and talking to her family about her fears of being stuck on the mountain.

At one point in the video, she says, “I don’t know first aid for a foot that’s not attached to your ankle.”

And then later, “OK, so the pain has started. At first I didn’t feel it, it was kinda funny I didn’t think it was real. ... Yeah...This is kinda really scary, oh man, oh man oh man. ... I’m not going to tell you how scared of bears I am right now.

An hour later, Henry arrived and De Forest was soon on her way to safety.

She later uploaded the video to YouTube, where it went viral.

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