Number of shootings in St. Louis increase -

Number of shootings in St. Louis increase

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) - New numbers obtained by News 4 from police show there have been more than 1200 shootings in St. Louis City so far in 2012, 200 more than at the same time in 2011.

St. Louis Chief of Police Dan Isom said it is due to the increase in the number legal guns put on the market for illegal means. 

"What we see is there's sort of an arms race where everyone has a gun, so everyone's on edge," Isom said. "Then you need to respond with a violent response with a gun because you think everyone else has one. So, that's an issue and there's also so many guns on the street nowadays and I think part of that is b/c relax regulations at state and federal level."

Isom also said guns should be registered like cars.

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