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O'Fallon residents calling for ordinance on meth house cleanups

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

O’FALLON, Mo (KMOV.com) – Methamphetamine impacts communities across Missouri. Thursday News 4 has new information about how the drugs are affecting you and your family.

In some communities, there’s already an ordinance in place forcing property owners to clean up busted meth houses in a timely manner.

But as News 4 dug into this today, we discovered one city wants the job done sooner.

“It’s scary to think my kids play basketball right here and the house could have blown up at any moment,” said O’Fallon resident Crystal Bartlett.

Bartlett says she wants these properties cleaned up now. With her property value at risk, she is tired of the delay.

“St. Charles County is so huge. We’re a family area,” she said. “O’Fallon should just take care of the problem ourselves.”

The city of O’Fallon agrees.

St. Charles County already has an ordinance to enforce clean up, but O’Fallon acknowledges meth homes are a problem and a city ordinance can speed the cleanup process along.

“Right now, we tell the property owner this is what the county says you must do,” said O’Fallon Communications Director Tom Drabelle. “With our ordinance we can take enforce more penalties, stronger steps from that point.”

The cost of cleaning a meth home is between $5,000 and $20,000. A cost picked up by the home owner not the city or county.

If stricter penalties on top of clean up costs means a quicker cleanup, Bartlett says she’s on board.

Right now a final draft of the ordinance is in the works. Once completed, it will go before the city council for a vote.

News 4 will keep you posted on the outcome.

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