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Elderly woman says High Ridge company scammed her out of hundreds

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV) – An elderly woman from St. Louis County says a company has failed to fix damage they left while fixing a home intercom system.

Patricia Whitelock said she paid High Ridge company, Unitron, $300 to repair her home intercom system.

Unitron fixed the system, but left a hole in her kitchen.

“He said I’ll have to take (the intercom) out, repair it and take it back so he proceeded to remove it,” Whitelock said.

Whitelock said the employee indicated she’d have the part back about 10 days later. But by mid-August, she was still waiting.

“They didn’t have the courtesy to let the customers know and I think that’s very dishonest,” said Whitelock.

News 4 traveled to what was listed as Unitron’s headquarters and found “closed, out of business” signs on the door.

After multiple failed attempts contacting the company, News 4 looked went to the Missouri attorney general’s website.

According to the website, two complaints have been filed against Unitron. One of them has been resolved and the other is in mediation.

The Better Business Bureau gives Unitron a “B-minus” rating.

But Whitelock, a local church pastor, isn’t complaining, she’s praying.

“People always reap what they sow, so if they’re fleecing people, it’s coming back,” she said, “it’s coming back.”

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