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Ellisville residents upset about city council's efforts to change recall election

ELLISVILLE, Mo. (KMOV) – Some residents in Ellisville are upset after a last-minute addition was made to the city council’s agenda regarding a controversial new Walmart.

It’s no secret citizens opposed to the WalMart planned to seek a recall election to oust several council members next April.

But now there’s a proposal to change the city charter’s rules that would put limits on recall elections. But it would need to be approved soon to get it on the November general election ballot.

Liz Schmidt is part of a citizens group opposed to money being used to build a new Walmart on the site of a former car dealership.

She also one of the 200 residents who’ll be displaced when her apartments are torn down to make way for the new store.

Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul, a staunch opponent of the Walmart, said the change to the charter rules on recall elections was only added to Wednesday’s council agenda the day before, which failed to meet the 48-hour requirement.

If it’s not approved this week it can’t make the deadline to go on the November ballot.

Councilmember Ron Pirello proposed the charter change and voted in favor of the Walmart.

But Pirello said he’s not trying to beat the recall organizers and change the rules before a recall election.

He said all the talk about recalls prompted him to do some research and discovered Ellisville’s charter does not list approved reasons for recall elections as he says the state requires.

Pirello says he’s not trying to sneak it through and that it’ll ultimately be decided by the voters.

But activists say the rush to get it on the ballot before a planned recall election next April speaks volumes.

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