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It might be cute and trendy to think that "Buschie the Rally Squirrel," or Allen Craig's pet turtle is what's helping the Cardinals charge to a world championship, but it couldn't be further from the truth.  Everything is coming together for the Cardinals as they sit on the verge of winning their 18th N.L. Pennant.

I can see this ending tonight for the Redbirds with Edwin Jackson getting the ball. He is coming off a 4 1/3rds performance in game two of the NLCS where he allowed two earned runs.  He is a relaxed and steady guy who never seems to get to high or low on the mound.  If Jackson is able to limit big innings then the Birds will pop champagne tonight.  Prince Fielder is 3 for 15 against Jackson so we'll see who wins that battle. Also it's crucial for Jackson not to allow the Brewers' supporting cast to burn him.  Ryan Braun and Fielder will hit, but Jackson must keep guys like Yuniesky Betancourt or Jonathan Lucroy quiet.  You would hate to see Braun and Fielder go 0 for 7 but Betancourt and Lucroy 5-7 with four RBI's.

Shaun Marcum will start for Milwaukee and it could be a short outing for him.  This post season, Marcum is 0-2 with an ERA over 12.  Albert Pujols can't wait to step into the batters box tonight to face Marcum. In game two, Pujols went 4-5 including three doubles, a two-run home run, and five RBI.  Look for Pujols to stay hot tonight. 

Everyone, including myself counted the Cards out back in August, but tonight they have a chance to prove critics wrong and do the unthinkable, make a trip to the World Series.


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