Fang-Tastic Frozen Treat -

Fang-Tastic Frozen Treat

100 grams Black Licorice Pieces
1/4 teasoon of anise extract
1/2 Pint of Half and Half Cream
1/2 Pint of Heavy Whipping Cream
2/3 Cup of Table Sugar
4 Egg Yolks

Over medium heat melt down the Licorice pieces, the anise and the Half and Half cream in a saucepan, adding half of the Heavy Whipping Cream to produce a creamy texture.  You can leave small portions of the licorice unmelted for some chunky bits.  Once melted into a creamy mix, take off heat.

Beat egg yolks and mix sugar together, and then add to the Licorice/Cream mixture and return to medium heat.  Add in the remainder of the heavy whipping Cream and stir till mixed.  Do not boil.  Take off the heat and chill mixture down to 40 degrees before running through your Ice Cream Maker to the manufacturer's instructions.  This ice cream will turn out gray, so you may need to add a little food coloring if you want a nice rich black color. 
So far as displaying your ice cream this Halloween, here are some quick and fun ideas:

Witches Hats
Dip sugar cones in chocolate to coat the outside, and then fill with ice cream level to the top.  Then invert the cone onto a flat chocolate cookie or cracker to create a witches hat. You may want to frost the cookie with black or chocolate frosting. Keep in the freezer until serving.

Mini Ice Cream Bats
Cut large chocolate cookies in half and using a small cookie cutter or a teaspoon, scallop the straight edge of the cookie to create the bottom of the bats wings.  Then place a scoop of an ice cream of your choice on a flat dish.  Make an opening to insert the wings into and then decoate the face for some creepy ice cream fun.

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