Some NYC protesters plan for civil disobedience -

Some NYC protesters plan for civil disobedience

NEW YORK (AP) -- Occupy Wall Street protesters say they will wait and see if they are allowed back into the park that has served as their headquarters for nearly a month before they put up resistance.
But others predicted there will be resistance when a scheduled cleanup of Zuccotti Park begins Friday morning. Protesters believe park owner Brookfield Properties is trying to evict them from Manhattan's Zuccotti Park, where they are encamped and have waged their protest against corporate greed.
Some among the group Thursday night said if the owner does not allow them back into the park after the scheduled cleaning, they will engage in nonviolent civil disobedience. Some 100 protesters have volunteered to get arrested.
Protesters went over various scenarios, including what happens if they get arrested, and if the police are confrontational.

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