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Hedge fund exec gets 11 yrs, his crimes 'a virus'

NEW YORK (AP) -- An 11-year prison sentence for a wealthy hedge fund founder convicted of insider trading charges set a record for its length, but still left the government well short of the two-decade-long prison sentence it had sought to send a stern message to Wall Street.
Raj Rajaratnam left federal court in Manhattan on Thursday after U.S. District Judge Richard J. Holwell announced a sentence that was four years below a Probation Department recommendation and well short of the government's request that the Galleon Group founder serve as much as 24 1/2 years.
Holwell credited Rajaratnam for acts of charity and cited his diabetes and need for a kidney transplant as reasons for leniency. But the judge also said Rajaratnam's crimes reflect "a virus" in the country's business culture.

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