Free app helps monitor Facebook activity -

Free app helps monitor Facebook activity

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By Toby Talbot By Toby Talbot

(KMOV) -- A software company in Texas launched a new application that scans Facebook content and notifies parents of questionable material.  Parents who already monitor their children's Facebook accounts may use this new tool.

Once a user links up a Facebook account, the software it for foul language, key words associated with bullying, and nudity.

The makers of tell News 4 that parents can sync up their mobile devices to get real-time alerts if any questionable content hits a child's page.

"The main impressive thing is listening to parents go, "I had no idea and I monitored their page,'" said Eye Guardian's Stephenie Ochoa.

The flagged content is organized in a list form. Parents can chose to mark some words as "safe".

When News 4 tried to the program, some innocent photos were flagged. The makers say the technology is sensitive, by design.

The software just launched about a month ago and is still developing, based on user input - according to the site's creators.

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