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Woman suspects house was site of former meth lab

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- A High Ridge, Missouri woman says she's concerned her home is the site of a former meth lab. After finding iodine bottles hidden in a basement ceiling earlier this year, the current owner became suspicious and learned that a previous owner had a run-in with drugs.

The current owner, Jenny Kyle, bought the house in 2008 with her husband. Later, she and her young son began experiencing breathing problems. This year, she found mold in the basement, had it removed, but the problems continued.

While her family worked in the basement, they found two iodine bottles hidden in the basement ceiling. When they removed dry wall from the downstairs half-bath, the family found a hidden bathtub and shower.

Kyle suspected that's where a previous owner made meth.

The house is not listed on any meth registry, but News 4 obtained a copy of a warrant that was served in 2006. A supplement to the record showed that authorities arrested the homeowner at the time with packed of crystal meth. The man was later charged in federal court with possession with the intent to distribute.

Authorities, however, never found a lab. The reports don't confirm that one existed. Still, Kyle is planning to move and take a financial hit to avoid more health problems.

Kyle could hire a haz-mat firm to conduct a swipe test to determine if chemical residue is in the home. A test like that will cost a few hundred dollars. Professional clean-up could cost thousands.

Before buying a home, experts recommend buyers talk to neighbors and check with police, if possible to avoid a gut-wrenching surprise later.


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