Report on recent jailbreaks places blame on commissioner -

Report on recent jailbreaks places blame on commissioner

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – With questions swirling about recent jail breaks in St. Louis, a new report released on Wednesday tries to pinpoint who’s to blame.

The report examines the circumstances surrounding jail breaks like the one that stunned downtown workers after two inmates escaped by a rope of bed sheets dangling from a window in the St. Louis Justice Center.

Those inmates were caught.

The report places blame on Commissioner Gene Stubblefield, and calls for him to be fired. Right now he is only on suspension.

The report also finds major lapses in protocol within the jail walls which directly led to the escape of six prisoners within the past 18 months.

High profile escapes like the one from last April have been an embarrassment for the administration, and the report released Wednesday by captain Sam Dotson points the finger at repeated mismanagement by the commissioner and supervisors.

Dotson found similar problems in each escape: a cutting tool was not secured, allowing inmates to steal it. Also, a guard left prisoners unsupervised in another case.

The most high-profile case last month drew national attention: a prisoner used a homemade weapon to fend off a dozen guards then escape. The report says officers failed to take the appropriate level of action to stop him.


Since then, additional razor wire has been added to the fence at the workhouse. However, the alderman who called for hearings on the escapes is critical of Dotson’s report.

The Board of Aldermen plan to have another hearing on jail security in two weeks.

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