Roof contractor problems months after Good Friday storm -

Roof contractor problems months after Good Friday storm

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- A victim of the Good Friday tornadoes feels like she was victimized twice; once by the storm, the second time by her contractor.

She called News 4 for help, We called the contractor, and now he's making some new promises.
Renee Beyer says her property looks worse now than it did after the tornado.
She hired On the The Level Construction out of Bethalto Illinois to fix her Granite City home, but so far things haven't exactly been on the level.
"Every time I call them it's another excuse, another like I gave them ample opportunity to fix the problem" said Beyer.
Beyer says she hired them back in May to replace her roof and rebuild her fence.
So far she's given them more than $7,000 and the job is far from done.
Beyer told News 4 " so far they have $7,200 of my money and the only thing I got is a roof that needs to be fixed." 
Also the fence isn't finished, there's debris all over her yard and in her gutters. 
Plus the back of the house has exposed tar paper with no shingles and when it rains water comes through her ceiling. 
All she wants is for on the level to finish what they started, so News 4 called one of the owners.
Last Thursday the owner, Jeff Driver told us he feels bad about the mess at Renee's house and promised to make it right. "If they are willing to call me and get some work done I would love to finish their house cause I would love to see what it looks like when it's done" said Driver.

Driver admitted he dropped the ball on this one and understands why Renee is mad.
After some back and forth on the phone Beyer told News 4 Driver showed up on Tuesday to pick up some tarps and boxes of nails, but so far the mess isn't fixed.

Driver promised News 4 he will get the job done.

We will follow up with the Beyer family in Granite City to make sure it's completed.

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