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Burglary victim with three children says police took 90 minutes to respond

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A crime victim in north St. Louis says that police ignored her calls for help. The victim, Shantell Blanks, says she and her three young children had to wait in the darkness for 90 minutes for the St. Louis police to respond to a call for a break-in near the Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club at Grand and Dodier.

She discovered her car was disabled by an attempted car theft after leaving a football game at the boys and girls club. The ignition was so damaged, that the car wouldn’t start.

Despite a mother of three being stranded in the dark in a crime-ridden area of North City, Blanks was not considered an urgent case.

She and a friend even went so far as to flag down officers on a nearby street, but got turned down. “
He said, ‘no, we're here for a burglary that just happened here,’ and he said there's also been a shooting,” says Blanks.

Blanks says she felt her safety should have been a priority when she called police around 9:30 p.m.. “
I said ‘listen, I'm with my three small kids. It's dark on this street, my car has already been broken in to and they tried to steal my vehicle. I need someone here to help me,’” says Blanks “By 11:10, still no police.”

St. Louis police are promising to investigate and say that Blanks should have been warned it was a busy night. “We had a shooting incident going on...and that obviously is going to take precedent over someone's car getting broken into,” says.  “We should have communicated back to this lady,there's no doubt about it.”

That answer is not likely to satisfy Blanks, who says the next call could have been tragic. “It could have been four murders instead of just breaking and entering on my car.”

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