Parkway School District warns parents about choking game -

Parkway School District warns parents about choking game

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – The Parkway School District is taking a proactive stance against a deadly game.

A teacher at one of the middle schools recently heard students talking about playing “the choking game.”

In this game, kids purposely suffocate themselves for a few seconds to feel light-headed. Children have died playing this game, so the district sent letters to parents urging them to talk to their kids about the risks.

“I think that kids might think, well I'm not smoking, I'm not drinking -- it's not drugs or alcohol, it can't be that dangerous, and when in fact it is just as dangerus, if not more dangerous,” said Parkway Northeast Middle School Asst. Principal Bill Senti. “So I think that's important to make sure people know.

Parkway plans to train its leaders tro watch for warning signs.

The district says this issue is one parents in all schools should address.

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